Working for the Wool Bureau – Part Deux

by Alden Cole on July 11, 2014 · 0 comments

Slow-Motion Memoir: An Illustrated History, installment #42.

WoolBWPIncluded as part of the extensive WOOL: IT’S A NATURAL project, created for the Wool Bureau in the spring/summer of ’72 — ads from which were featured three days ago — was this cover for a 12″ x 12″ promotional package geared to the home sewing market. All six drawings — four individual figures plus a single landscape and a still life consisting of sewing-related items, were delivered to the client as b&w line drawings, which were then colored-separated by a graphic designer. I assume this because I have no memory of supplying the work in color as you see it above.

2Him&HerWPIn addition to that assumption, I still happen to have three of the six original drawings in my possession. One is just a line drawing, but two of them – of the woman in the upper left corner and the man in the lower left corner – have fabric patterns indicated on the clothing (as seen immediately above) that have little to do with the printed piece. Apparently I finished these drawings after the job was completed, when the originals had been returned; a fact which in itself was quite unusual.

ThreesomeWPSimilar to the color drawing seen at left, which was also part of the Wool Bureau project, I reworked the drawings above to the next level of completion, a habit that would occur more frequently in the years ahead, when I would create other line drawings for b&w reproduction, after which I would color the piece for inclusion in my portfolio, or for my personal collection (you’ll be seeing some of those pieces in the months ahead).

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