More Free-lancing for Dupont & Alexis Kirk

by Alden Cole on July 14, 2014 · 1 comment

Slow-Motion Memoir: An Illustrated History, installment #43.

4AKDupontWP1973: at left are four pen and ink illustrations from a suite of drawings done for The Merchandizing Group – the New York agency handling Dupont’s in-trade advertising, which promoted their numerous synthetics – fibers that were revolutionizing the apparel industry at the time: Nylon, Antron, Lycra, Spandex, Qiana. The promotion featured a tie-in with the jewelry of Alexis Kirk, one of New York’s then-current HOT designers of jewelry and accessories, whom I had drawn illustrations for directly in early ’71 and again in ’72. These pieces have a verve and style that dates them to early ’73, although I have no other clear memories of the time period surrounding their creation. I was very busy that spring. Recently I was reminded of them by an email communication with a friend and patron who lives in Japan, who owns two pieces from this suite of drawings. Thanks Cassie for reminding me that these early pieces have a life and value of their own which I have under-rated for many years; and for helping me to see them with new eyes.

NightScWPAt left, another job done for the Merchandizing Group that dates from a bit later in ’73, definable by the evolution of my drawing style. My interest in creating tableau, with multiple figures, telling stories, was beginning to stretch my perceptions of what I was capable of, encouraging me to break out of old self-limiting thought patterns, and to try something new…

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Wendi Winters July 15, 2014 at 10:18 am

Beautiful! I handled Alexis’ public relations and advertising in the early-mid ’80s and was, during that time, doing the p.r. for The Polyester Council of America (DuPont funded) about the same time. It’s intriguing to “take a look back” through someone else’s eyes! Thanks Alden.
Wendi Winters
Annapolis, MD


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