About Me

by Alden Cole

Where I’ve been, and some of what I did there:

Born in 1944; raised in Dayton, Maine on the Saco River. Graduated Thornton Academy for high school. RISD in Providence, RI for college. Two years in the Air Force pushing papers. NYC for 11 years of fun and fashion – designer and illustrator on 7th Ave. Also looking rather desperately for Love. Burned out! Back to New England for 6 years – 2 in Dayton, 4 in Portsmouth, NH – City of my Dreams. My job in publishing became a nightmare. Moved to Philadelphia, PA in 1986 to study metaphysics and astrology for two years. Been here ever since. To keep the roof over my head and food in my stomach, I worked as a production artist, the non-glamorous side of advertising. It suited me perfectly, allowing creativity at home. Bought 3-story row-house in 1991; have been transforming it into a museum ever since. No mortgage. No partner. No kids. No pets. Lots of friends. All I need is a Foundation!




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