Merry Christmas 2014

by Alden Cole on December 25, 2014 · 0 comments

Comfort zones are most often expanded through discomfort… (from a Chinese fortune cookie) • #1 in a series: The 12 Sayings of Christmas, aka One Liners I Have Learned From…

XmasTriptychWPMerry Christmas: 12″ x 24″ • art was created in 1978, while living in NYC, one of my most elaborate air brush paintings. For the story on it’s creation, check out last year’s posting:

1947ChristmasWPChristmas 1946 or 1947? I’m the toddler in my daddy’s lap (not sure if I’m 2-1/2 or 3-1/2?), with 8-years-older brother Clark on the left, and 6-years-older brother Wallace on the right, sitting in front of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the living room.

5;03-12-23-14Wit'&Wit'OutFlashWPThe Facade of 717 Federal Street in South Philadelphia, as seen at dusk 12/23/14, photographed wit’ and wit’out a flash, revealing precipitation in one. All the decorative house lights in the windows – 3 or 4 per window – are turned up bright to celebrate the season.

1949LoisAldenRichWP“The Kid” with Mom and Dad, as seen during the summer I turned 5, presumably on some church-related outing, from the looks of the apparel. If the year 1949 is correct, Lois is 36, and Richard is 39. There’s a look in my eyes that speaks volumes.

1947Rich&AldyCWPDad and “The Kid” holding my teddy bear and Raggedy Ann, photographed by my mother Lois, sometime in 1947(?) with a Cole Farm Dairy milk-truck parked in the barn providing the backdrop. The smile is genuine.

1948WaterLoggedWPWater Baby: Dad Richard Cole and “The Kid” in the water at Lakeside, the campground on the shores of Messalonskee, one of the Belgrade Lakes in central Maine, near Waterville. Brother Clark is just to the right, with other unidentified boys as well.

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