My Philadelphia Skyline in Holiday Mode

by Alden Cole on December 26, 2014 · 0 comments

“When a man is happy he does not hear the clock strike” – German Proverb • #2 in a series: The 12 Sayings of Christmas, aka One Liners I Have Learned From…

12.25.14-5;00pmWPSpeaking of clocks striking, here’s the first in a new series that I plan to photograph precisely at 5:00 pm over the next few weeks; this one from Christmas day. The series will reveal just how the light increases post the winter solstice, so this will be an interesting and fun project.

3008WPBig Sky Country: a photo taken earlier in December highlights the dramatic interplay of grays and blues that make sky watching a favorite pastime from my studio on the 3rd floor, where taking a break from painting simply offers more breadth of vision.

3036WPAnother early December photo of the Towers of Center City, approximately 1-1/2 miles away as the crow flies. Seen in the dazzling alpen glow of late afternoon, the towers seem to sit atop the horizon line of roofs like finials.

5;06pm12-23-14WPClose-up of Center City’s four major towers – the Obelisk, the Needles, and the Monolith – seen at dusk two days before Christmas, looking like an opalescent jewel box in a gray atmosphere that reminds me of Blade Runner.

12-25-14.FederalStE2WWPMeanwhile, down at ground level, I snapped a panoramic of Federal Street running east to west in the dwindling light of Christmas day, shortly after 5:00 pm. My Home Turf…

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