“Lighting is like the jewelry of a room.”

by Alden Cole on December 28, 2014 · 0 comments

“Lighting is like the jewelry of a room.” – Robert Willson
• #4 in a series: The 12 Sayings of Christmas 2014, aka One Liners I Have Learned From…

1952Xmas50thSWPThe nuclear family – Clark, Lois, Alden, Richard, Wallace – light up the parlor on Christmas Day 1952, helping to celebrate the 50th Wedding Anniversary of my grandparents, Harris and Edeth Waterhouse Cole who had married Christmas Day 1902 when Harris was almost 24 and Edeth was just over 22.
4559WPSix photographs capturing the inside of my home, proving that lighting really is the jewelry of a room: at left, a night shot of the first floor front windows, followed by three shots of the same windows taken during the day, but with different lamp arrangements. The last two photos capture some of the magic of the third floor Night Lights, as seen during the day, and at night.

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