“Enjoy when you can…”

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“Enjoy when you can and endure when you must.” – Goethe
• #5 in a series: The 12 Sayings of Christmas 2014, aka One Liners I Have Learned From…

1946OffToSchool1WP1946: First Day of School? Looks like Clark and Wally are less-than-thrilled at the prospect of going off to school, sitting sullenly for a snapshot on the front porch awaiting the school bus – a testimony to endurance.
1946: Waiting for the Bus, this time up on the hill at the Big House, with either Dorothy or Charlotte directing and taking pictures. Five cousins: Marge, Gordon, Clark, Wally, and Lib. Looks like more endurance.
1946: same morning as above, minus Marge; the mood is a bit lighter, less stiffly posed. Is there a sense among the four of possible enjoyment awaiting them at school?
1948: Spreading Manure in the spring with Gordon Cole at the wheel of the tractor, Alden Cole in his lap, Arthur Harris just behind up on top, Wally Cole and unidentified boy sitting down on the hauling bar of the tractor, with Bill Harris, Jim Harris, and Clark Cole up on top of the spreader, sitting just a few inches above that load of fresh, or maybe not-so-fresh, cow manure, that’s just waiting to be spread on the surrounding fields, fertilizing them for the season ahead, and hopefully producing a bumper crop of hay. It looks like everyone is enjoying themselves, despite the smell…

1947Cousins1WPTen cousins posed for a group photo: Sandra Carvell, John Gay, Bill Carvell, Marge Cole, Norman Carvell, Joanne Proctor, Gordon Cole, Clark Cole, Mark Proctor, Wally Cole.
Same day but now there are eleven cousins: Joanne Proctor, Sandra Carvell, Billy Carvell (holding bats), Mark Proctor, John Gay, Norman Carvell, Lib Cole, Marge Cole, Gordon Cole, Clark Cole, Wally Cole.
Another snapshot taken seconds later, but Norman Carvell has gone missing in this one; otherwise the players are the same, although this photo suggests another case of endurance.
Same day, but just the boys who seem to be enjoying the situation a bit more this time: Wally Cole, John Gay, Mark Proctor, Bill Carvell in front holding bats, Norman Carvell, Clark Cole, Gordon Cole.

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