Watching the passage of time and the river…

by Alden Cole on June 6, 2014 · 0 comments

MugShotsWPNeeding to renew my driver’s license this month prompted me to go to the local Penn DOT office Wednesday afternoon to do the deed before leaving on vacation next week. After getting home I scanned, cropped, and pieced the new photo into a series of older ID photos showing how the years and I have gotten along. Interesting overview — starting with my RISD registration card from 1962, including 3 passport photos at ages 26, 46, & 61; the rest are from driver’s licenses. For friends who have known me through this Philadelphia period out of my 70 years of living, this is a reminder that I really was young once… For those who’ve known me for years, it’s a reminder that I too am getting OLD.

“We are travelers on the stream of time, which we can neither create or direct, but only learn to steer with more or less skill and experience.”

Rave Review: friend Joyce Dunn in Chicago commented that it’s remarkable that I can look like Woody Allen in one picture and then like Bruce Jenner in another. I shoulda been an actor?

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