Free-lancing for TricTrac

by Alden Cole on June 4, 2014 · 0 comments

Slow-Motion Memoir: An Illustrated History, installment #37

TricTracDuoWP1973. Hope Kirk, Alexis Kirk’s wife, eventually divorced Alexis and started her own company called TricTrac, with a friend (another name buried too deeply for access), specializing in novelty T-shirts, tunics, tank-tops, casual wear for the beach or bistro. They called on me to illustrate a number of mailing tri-folds, as exemplified by the pieces above, which ran the gamut from realistic pencil drawings to highly stylized marker sketches done à la egyptienne.

HolidayCardWPAn unusual request from Hope and her business partner was to create a design for a 4″ x 6″ holiday greeting postcard, which is seen at left, revealing a typical Alden device, the half face that recurs here and there throughout my work, particularly as I left the fashion world and started the next phase. In fact, from the address on the copy of the postcard that Hope mailed to me that season (that’s her on the right, by the way), the year was 1975 which would indicate that I was already in the ‘next phase’- working for Samuel Weiser – so this particular job was one of the very last of the free-lance jobs performed for my fashion clientele as I sidestepped out of involvement with 7th Avenue, and into painting and graphics.

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