Center City: as seen by the Hand of the Artist

by Alden Cole on February 28, 2014 · 0 comments

Center City Skyline #1, oil on board, 20″ x 9″ • collection of the artist  $

CC#1WPSince I’ve now shown over 20 photos of the view looking North by NorthWest from my 3rd floor studio, I figure it’s time to show the paintings which that same view have inspired. There are only ten of them to date, all of which were painted between 2010 and 2013, including the pair I featured in a posting on the Ides of December last year, Inside Looking Out – from the studio in Philadelphia.  CC Number One was painted in early 2010, using a cutting-board found on the sidewalk at Lombard and 7th one afternoon on my way uptown. I loved the shape, and having used found surfaces as substrates to paint on numerous times over the years, I couldn’t resist trying my hand at a painting on the side which hadn’t been used as a cutting surface. The decision to include figures on the deck in the painting was inspired by some photos I had taken of my neighbors having a cookout one evening, when a storm blew in and forced them inside rather quickly and unexpectedly.  Oh, that weather! If you don’t like it, just wait…

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