Another summer, another family picnic

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“We grow small trying to be great.” – E. Stanley Jones (1884-1973)

1909FamilyPicnicCR2:1000The year is 1909: six of the seven Cole siblings have married and are creating the next generation of twenty-one first-cousins, eleven of whom, along with their parents, are clustered around grandparents Clark and Mary Cole.

1909FamilyPicnicCR4WPBack row: Weymouth Harris Cole (1879-1973), with wife Edeth Belle Waterhouse [Cole] (1880-1979), Wendell Phillips Cole (1881-1952) holding daughter Emily Elizabeth Cole (1908-1990), with wife Maud Ellna Edwards [Cole] holding son Clark Remich Cole II (1907-1923), Warren Foss Cole (1867-1931) holding daughter Isabelle Cole (1905-1987)

Middle row: Ellen Belle Gordon [Cole] (1867-1947) widow of Willard Clark Cole (1869-1903) holding their son Remich Shaw Cole (1902-1970), Mary Waterhouse (1903-2001), Mary Foss Weymouth [Cole] (1849-1937), Charlotte Cole (1905-2005), Clark Remich Cole (1841-1915), Janey May Waterhouse [Cole] (1872-1953), Helen Cole [Waterhouse] (1875-1927) holding nephew Robert Weymouth Cole (1903-1992)

Front row: Leslie “Pete” Arnold Cole (1901-1987), Alice Maud Cole [Dow] (1904-1982), Ruth Waterhouse [Strong] (1901-1982), Margaret Cole [Goding-Tozier] (1899-??), James Carleton Waterhouse (1900-1965)

1909CousinsCR1WPTen of the first cousins line up for a “children-only” photograph, that also includes James Carleton Waterhouse, Edeth Waterhouse Cole’s younger step brother, a nine-year old who is an uncle to her children Robert and Charlotte; plus second-cousin Kenneth Dow who made it to the picnic but wasn’t included in the group photo with the adults.

Back row: Mary Waterhouse (1903-2001), Alice Maud Cole [Dow] (1904-1982), Margaret Cole [Goding-Tozier] (1899-??)

Middle row: James Carleton Waterhouse (1900-1965), Kenneth Bartlett Dow (1902-1979), Remich Shaw Cole (1902-1970), Leslie “Pete” Arnold Cole (1901-1987)

Front row: Robert Weymouth Cole (1903-1992), Isabelle Cole (1905-1987), Charlotte Cole (1905-2005), Ruth Waterhouse [Strong] (1901-1982) holding Emily Elizabeth Cole (1908-1990)


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