Visions of the Rainbow Room, cruises to Bali Hai, and other delights…

by Alden Cole on May 27, 2014 · 0 comments

Slow-Motion Memoir: An Illustrated History, installment #33

StageShowWP1973: although my early career as a fashion illustrator was founded on men’s wear, with only an occasional woman included in the drawing as virtual accessory, I had switched almost exclusively to illustrating women’s wear by ’73.
DuPont, through its agency The Merchandising Group, grew to be my major client throughout this period. My drawing skills improved, as did my concepts for illustrating. Louise Regnier and her office partner at the agency (whose name eludes me) loved my work and my prices; as they grew familiar with my qualities, they granted me the freedom to explore compositions using multiple figures, thus allowing me to incorporate single figure illustrations into group tableaux; a few of my favorites are featured in today’s post.

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