“Tie Lines” from Dupont – spring ’73

by Alden Cole on August 3, 2014 · 0 comments

Illustrated Memoirs of a Quick-Change Artist, #49

6PagesWPThe deeper I dig into my archives the more comes to light. Latest find: a 20-page catalog published by The Merchandising Group, replete with swatches, promoting Dupont fabrics to be used in making men’s ties. All six illustrations are shown in the composite image shown here.

TieGuysWPA related image is at left, an original marker drawing on paper – 17″ x 12″ – which happens to be 1 of only 31 surviving originals created during the years 1970 to 1974. By contrast, I have over 400 individual printed samples of my work, mostly on 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheets like the Tie Lines drawings above, with a few as small as 6″ x 9″, or as large as 17″ x 22.” So far the work I have been featuring has been drawn almost exclusively from those files of reproduced work. However, I’ve shown only a small fraction of that work; but not to worry, I’ve posted enough for now, having gleaned the creme of my own personal favorites to show as examples. As far as showing originals, I initially decided against featuring that work because I wanted to focus on what you might have seen if you had been alive and working in a particular environment in the early 70s. Relax, I don’t plan to scan and feature all 31 originals, but I will scan a handful, the best of those that survived the ‘burning of a bridge.’ Now there’s a story…

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