More Originals — More Survivors

by Alden Cole on August 27, 2014 · 0 comments

CouplenColorWP20 original fashion illustrations that survived my dramatic change of careers…
3DudeSuitsWPThere are relatively few illustrations in color, as most work was created as fine line pen & ink drawings, to be reproduced in b&w, or just a single color.
fromB&W2ColorWPNearly all works represented here are drawn on paper, measuring 17″ x 14″, and presently in collection of the artist.
ChangesinDrawingWPExceptions include the three drawings at left, showing the transition from b&w to color, which are 12″ squares.
3MixedCouplesWPA number of these remaining works in b&w would be ideal to collect into a Retro-Fashion Coloring Book.

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