Sun Worshippers by the Mississippi

by Alden Cole on February 2, 2014 · 0 comments

SunWorshippersFWPacrylic on panel, 12″ x 20.5″ • framed in umber-stained maple, 17″ x 25.5″ • in the collection of Betsy Alexander and Burnell Yow!

February 2, 2104: The Plastic Club, 247 Camac Street •  Travel and Transport show opening reception 2–5 pm; show runs through Feb 20.

My entry in the Plastic Club’s second show of the season is Sun Worshippers on the Mississippi, a painting done last May while on vacation in Ferryville, Wisconsin with friends and family. For some early backstory on this particular painting, see the linked June 2 posting on this website:

The ‘more later…’  with which I sign off in that posting, finally gets updated today exactly 8 months later. The exciting news which I neglected to post a few days later is that within days of returning to Philadelphia from the two weeks in Wisconsin and Chicago, my friend Betsy Alexander came to visit, saw the painting and purchased it on the spot. Her praise of this particular painting was effusive, echoing much of what I had felt about it the day I created it – that it was a new plateau in my creativity – an opinion which hasn’t diminished with time and reflection. If anything the intervening period has increased my respect for what I  spontaneously captured of the here and now.  The piece was framed experimentally in a manner reminiscent of Mission furniture. Unfortunately the picture above does not show that true frame. Somehow the finished, framed painting escaped being photographed before I handed it over to Betsy, and I hadn’t noticed that omission until now. Once I get the painting back I’ll photograph and replace the file above. What a convenient diary this online weblog is; I simply love its amendability.

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