Simply Sunset

by Alden Cole on March 25, 2014 · 0 comments

7326WPTwo nights ago in-town temperatures dropped again into the 20s, with little respite during yesterdays daylight hours. Even though the day turned sunny, the croci blossoms stayed tightly closed against the cold, just as in yesterdays post. There were no noticeable changes worth photographing; although I did notice on closer inspection that a tiny sixth bud was struggling to emerge from the ground to join the other five, waiting for the encouragement of warmer temperatures. Maybe tomorrow? For now they’re safely covered and ready to withstand the possibility of snow in the morning hours. Will the winter never end?

I’ll get back to reviewing my RISD educational experiences tomorrow. But for today simply a photo of sunset two evenings ago looking due west into a limpid sky that I refer to as Maxfield Parrish blue, a color that has repeatedly inspired my work.

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