Philadelphia Flower Show 2017

by Alden Cole on March 20, 2017 · 0 comments

WonLee@FlowerShowWPHolland Flowers the World was the theme of this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show, which I attended last week; the first show of this nature that I’ve been to in many a year. First stop was Booth 324 in the vendor section, where I was able to thank Won Kyoung Lee (seen at left) and husband Matthew Alden Price (who was working back at the studio) for making this event possible by gifting me with a ticket left at my door, thank you very much. We had met last spring through one of their projects – My Philadelphia Story – which I promoted in emails and blogs at the time. Shortly after meeting each other, Matt and I deduced that we’re probably distant cousins since we share the Alden name, plus the fact that we were both born and raised in Maine. Jonathan Alden, the name of Matt & Won’s company, named after John Alden – the ship’s carpenter aboard the Mayflower, that conveyed that intrepid group of Pilgrims from England to the the New World back in 1620 – features very elegantly worked items in wood, as seen in the background of this photo of Won taken last Wednesday. Check out some of Matt’s mastery at his website:

Spectacle1WPNeedless to say, this year’s Flower Show was Spectacle with a capital ‘S’. I found myself delighted but virtually overwhelmed by the sights, smells, and even sounds of the event; this was Entertainment on the Grand Scale for the masses. And for $35 a pop at the door, it should be. I noticed
3PrizewWinnersWPthat colorful LED lighting has really taken center stage in events of this nature. I found myself constantly switching between wide angle shots of the space, and close-ups of the various
AsparagusFernWPcolorful arrangements. Very impressive, and a lot of fun. AND I’ve never seen so many people taking pictures with their cell phones; it was amazing to watch. On the way home I snapped some photos of the Chinatown bronze dragons that protect a parking lot, as well as a billboard featuring a bowler hatted chap that reminds
Scarlet??WPme of my friend and fellow artist Burnell Yow!
Enjoy the virtual tour! Sorry it’s not Scratch ‘n’ Sniff!












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