Now on its way to Iowa…

by Alden Cole on May 22, 2015 · 0 comments

StormOverMississippiWPThunderstorm Over the Mighty Mississippi (from Eagle Ridge, Ferryville, Wisconsin, with the Iowa bluffs across the river) • oil on linen, 11″ x 28″ • 2013 •
0236WPcollection of John and Pasha Buck, Indianola, Iowa

On Wednesday May 20 I took a train to Harrisburg to meet up with Pasha Buck, an old friend whom I haven’t seen since 1978, when I stayed for three weeks in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her and two daughters – Karin and
0233WPMargot – plus their friend Amelia Hartzel. I met Pasha, aka Pat Hill at the time, in 1977 through Harold Stover, my New York friend now living in Maine, whose life and mine have had numerous interconnecting links over the years.
0234WPAbove and at left, photos of Lancaster county farmlands as seen from the moving train to Harrisburg on a beautiful spring morning. Once there I was generously chauffeured to the Buck’s hotel in Hershey by mutual friend Amelia Hartzel, whom I last saw in Shamokin – one of those small towns squeezed between coal ridges in north-central Pennsylvania – back in 1980 when she was living there temporarily. It was a lovely reunion of old spirits; and I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time Pasha’s delightful husband John who is almost 90-years young. Pasha is pushing 83 herself; they’re an amazing couple who are already trying to convince me to join them in New Mexico next year for another reunion in Santa Fe, the place where we all became friends back in June of ’78. Time will tell. Thank you all for a wonderful day.

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