Nature Drawing 102

by Alden Cole on March 18, 2014 · 2 comments

By the way, anyone recognize what kind of ‘duck’ was portrayed in yesterday’s drawing? I’m clueless.

3.18.63WPebony pencil on grey-toned rib-laid charcoal paper, 19″ x 25″ • collection of the artist $

Today’s drawing of an owl is dated March 18, 1963 — 51 years ago Monday. Since yesterday’s ‘duck’ was dated the day before – 3.17.63, a Sunday – and we had only one class per week, and “never on Sunday”, I can only assume that it was either a make-up for a class missed, or I was passing in the previous weeks assignment late. When I recently REdiscovered the sheet folded in quarters I decided it was time to dry-mount it as flat as possible for photographing and ultimately posting on this 51st anniversary of its creation. Amazing that it survived. Oh, Tempus Fugit!

MsLawrence&OwlYesterday while researching Ms Edna Lawrence, my memorable teacher from RISD, in preparation for the daily dispatch, I discovered the photo at left. Despite its very low resolution which gives a rather ghosty character to Ms Lawrence’s eyes, as well as to one of her owls — not the same one I drew above however — I had to include the photo. The coincidence of Ms Lawrence, looking much as I remember her, combined with owl-life, though stuffed and not exactly the same, was too serendipitous not to include. Such memories have been evoked by the fourteen surviving drawings from Ms Lawrence’s class — of a time of innocence, expectation, fear and hope… Tomorrow, the single surviving specimen from my Freshman Foundation 2-D Design class. Wish I could say all the other pieces sold, but I’m afraid they all got passed over and trashed instead…

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ellen March 18, 2014 at 2:03 pm

just letting you know I’m listening! 🙂


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