Moon Light Magic #2

by Alden Cole on December 10, 2013 · 0 comments


aka Grand Illusions 1989, oil on canvas, 15″ x 24″; framed, 17″ x 26″; $442

I’ve noticed repeatedly over the years that I tend to reprise certain subject matters, particularly those paintings which sell, or to which I experienced strong attachments during the creative process – in plain language, I looked at what I had created and thought it was good: I loved it, wanted to keep it and live with it. But when someone else also feels similar emotions about one of my works, and decides to acquire it, I’m ultimately pleased to let IT go. Selling my work is one of life’s biggest thrills. Otherwise I’d be creating/living in a vacuum; an extremely full (pardon the contradiction) vacuum by now. After all, if it’s really such an outstanding painting that I feel I need to live with it myself,  I can always create another one. Which I often have, sometimes years later. Todays painting is of one of these. After trading Moon Light Magic #1 – last Friday’s post –  for Ravens over Plum Island by my friend Nancy Goodwin, I choose to reprise my subject matter on a smaller canvas. I was already living in Philadelphia, needing a “shot” of the country in my life, on my walls, to look at and dream over. Just another variation on a timeless theme? Desiderata…

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