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by Alden Cole on March 29, 2014 · 0 comments

HowdyDoodyWPJust yesterday morning my neighbor Rob Stauffer reminded me of three drawings I had agreed to do for him the day before; some “really quick rough sketches” that he needed for use as illustrations in a talk he was giving to some pre-school children that afternoon, about what it was like to grow up without television. He needed three pictures: a young boy watching a TV set with rabbit-ears; the inside of a console showing the vacuum tubes and wire connectors; plus three of early TVs iconic images. Recognize them? Howdy Doody and the Lone Ranger are hard to miss, but Flash Gordon’s rocket ship may not have been quite as obvious.

7434WPSince Rob is a master framer, whose services and expertise I frequently need as an artist, plus we’re neighbors who conveniently live only two houses from one another, and we both have barterable skills, I got right to work on the project, even though I had less than two hours to come up with the finished drawings. In keeping with the quick sketch idea, Rob even supplied me with the paper to be used: cut up brown-paper grocery-bags. I hadn’t worked that quickly in quite some time; and it was great fun to exercise those skills again under duress. Nothing like a deadline to get the creative juices flowing…

As you can see, the croci are doing fine. There are now a number of clusters just waiting for warm weather to really do their thing.

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