The Hot House Effect — Six Croci & Counting…

by Alden Cole on March 27, 2014 · 0 comments

7384.1WPTwo nights ago with snow expected, and temperatures dropping below freezing I decided to protect the largest cluster of croci by covering them with an inverted glass bowl. In the morning I discovered to my surprise and delight that all the croci had survived. Even those blossoms left uncovered the night before were still standing straight and strong, though closed up tightly, revealing to me how hardy these harbingers of spring truly are. Those under glass not only survived but due to the hot house effect created by the early morning sun on the protective bowl were standing tall with all petals wide open. What a gorgeous sight! I carefully removed the glass cover just long enough to take a beauty shot of the cluster; all part of the ongoing coverage of springs slow emergence, beginning of week two…

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