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Slow-Motion Memoir: An Illustrated History, installment #45.

2Then&NowWP1973: One of the more interesting of my fashion illustration jobs was designing and ‘inking’ a number of drawings that were printed on sheets of acetate, to be used as overlays on an overhead projector, that pre-powerpoint way of displaying images to an audience, often in a class-room situation. In this particular case: Home Sewing Instruction. Possibly used in Home Economics classes of the time? The thirty-two pen & ink drawings that made up the set were a combination of costume history and tailoring techniques.

3HistoryWPDrawing on my costume evolution sketchbooks from RISD created a few years earlier, and my accrued generalized knowledge of the field, I designed the sketches featured today. The color was added by another hand; I was simply drawing outline figures. Truth to tell, I can’t remember definitively for whom these drawings were created.

3DiagramsWPI’m guessing that it was a continuation of the Wool Bureau’s Home Sewing Project, that I’ve featured recently, but there are no solid memories of that score. A lot was going on in the spring of 73 on other fronts that refocused my attentions. A diary written during that time would have helped remembering the specifics of these reminiscences, but unfortunately I never took the time to write it down then. Thus these memoirs, skimpily detailed as they are, conjuring times long gone, based on whatever art I was making at the time…


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