Haying Season

by Alden Cole on January 18, 2013 · 0 comments

HayingDownTheIntervale14oil on plywood – 9″ x 19″
aka Down the Intervale #14

It’s all about timing. Tuesday, July 10, 2012 was my last day vacationing in Dayton, leaving the next for Vermont. I spent the early afternoon working on the small panel depicted, from the back of the barn. The fields were golden with ripe grasses. I could hear the tractors haying the fields just out of sight. The air was literally delicious that day. Taking a break from painting around 5:00 to drive into Saco with Clark & Georgie to have an early dinner at Skippers on USA Route 1 – my favorite diner in town, where I invariably order the lobster roll, which is one of THE best around, take note lobster-loving travelers – I returned to the easel around 6:30. Wahoo! in my absence the tractors had moved operations into the painting’s field-of-vision, leveling those golden waves of grain as I watched. There were still over two hours of daylight in which to paint, so I immediately got down to it, capturing spontaneous impressions in the afternoon’s still-wet paint of the mowing-and-teddering-machines in the afternoon’s late-light. The painting was finished in short order, so I simply continued watching and photographing the transformation of the fields, well into the dusk. It was almost dark by the time the three Lambert brothers who own the haying business, and whom my brother had contracted to harvest his fields, gathered their equipment together and took off for the night. The next morning, as I made my exit going west, they continued making hay while the sun shone on…

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