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Original+PrintedWPleft: original illustration, 16″ x 13″ • right: printed piece on card stock, 14″ x 10″ • both: collection of the artist

1970-1: Building up a portfolio of fashion illustrations from ground zero was a challenging and exciting process that really got under way in the summer of 1970, after being relieved of my designing job at Alfred of New York. Learning how to scramble as a free-lance artist by establishing a client base was even more challenging; but slowly the list grew through the fall, thanks to the auspices of friends and satisfied clients who referred me to others. Somehow during that period I connected with Penny Langone, another RISD graduate who was working as a graphic designer, who needed fashion illustrations for one of her clients, Oxford Slacks. For our first project working together, she particularly liked one of the concept illustrations done for my portfolio, so I adapted it to her needs in the manner shown above; this was the first of a monthly calendar series done for Oxford between October ’71 and June ’73, which also included the following for January ’72 and May ’73:

JanuaryWP MayOxfWP

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