Epiphany Triptych: Celebrating the Inner Child — A Work in Progress

by Alden Cole on January 6, 2014 · 0 comments

TriptychWPacrylic and oil on plywood panels: triptych – closed 54″ x 24″ – open 54″ x 48″

2014. 12th Night — the Last Resolution of the new year, and one not to be broken: to honor the feast of the Three Kings by resuming work on a complex piece started years ago. A triptych for which all five major structural pieces — the central panel with four hinged doors — had  been carefully cut years ago by my trusty friend Rob Stauffer. A couple years ago I had painted the upper outside doors, but it wasn’t until last spring that I started working in earnest: painting the outside of the lower doors, attaching all four doors to the central panel with piano hinges (being delighted to discover that all the pieces fit together just like they were supposed to), then painting the trees around the central sun at the top. The program for the art is based on an earlier piece done in the late ’80s, right after moving here, using markers on thin cardboard. My thinking at the time: Closed-OpenWP“why worry about the quality of the surface worked on? it’s only a sketch,” Well, hours went into this sketch which grew in scope, eventually encompassing another piece inspired during the process; all elements together forming one grand bi-level artwork that looked like the two views at left; in its closed position on the extreme left, & in its open position on the right. Fortunately I took photos of the brightly colored art long before the colors faded away to mere ghosted images of themselves. Long Live Color!! Happy New Year and Greetings from the New Age…

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