Double-Take: Take Two

by Alden Cole on April 6, 2014 · 0 comments

Plastic Club • 247 South Camac Street • Philadelphia PA

Fiber, Fabric, & Textiles Show
April 6-24, 2014
Opening Reception: Sunday April 6 • 2-5 pm

DoubleTakeWPaka Now & Then #2 (2014-1973): mixed media diptych (woven microfilm on stretchers with appliquéd 2-D arts), 22″ x 44″ (2 – 22″ x 22″ stretchers piano-hinged together) • collection of the artist

Yesterdays and todays arts are my two entries in the Plastic Club’s April show, one I hadn’t intended to participate in until two weeks ago when I was inspired to create yesterdays art Is It Real? or Microriche? aka Now & Then #1 (2014-1963). Todays art also incorporates woven microfilm as the background; this time for appliquéing two illustrations that both incorporate actual fabric in their makeup: in the left illustration, the male figures were gouache-painted on paper, then cut out and attached to a background of fabric; in the right one the shapes of the clothes are defined by a black pen-line on clear acetate overlaying fabric; with only the figures’ heads, hands, shirts, scarf/tie, and shoes painted on paper and attached to the acetate sheet. Shades of my career as a fashion illustrator working in NYC in the early 70s! The appliquéd illustrations are survivors of the ‘burning’ of my fashion portfolio in 1974, a story I will unfold once I have finished my detour/REtour of my RISD days. Tales of a Life in Fashion. The actual time spent was relatively brief – the decade from my 19th year to my 29th year – but the effects were far-reaching…

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