Common Denominator? Butter Crunch for Valentine’s Day

by Alden Cole on January 28, 2015 · 0 comments

“Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, Love, thou art every day my Valentine.” – Thomas Hood (1799-1845)


Valentine’s Day is only 17 days away! What better treat for your sweet than a pound of AC’s extraordinary Butter Crunch? Better yet, gift them with a four-flavor sampler similar to the one above*, containing a quarter pound each: Pecan; Almond; Salted Cashew, Salted Pistachio. $40 a pound if it’s picked up here at 717 Federal St, South Philadelphia; $15 additional for posting USPS.

5VarietiesButterCrunchWPI recently sent a four-flavor sampler to Sharon Gold, a dear friend from yesteryear now living in Hawaii. We worked together at Roberts & Raymond Advertising Agency from ’87 until ’96, becoming good friends, and she became a patron of my painting. During those early years in Philadelphia I seasonally made and sold BC to her and to our co-workers, so she’s known the ‘product’ for almost 30 years. When I let her know in early January that I was selling it again after years of not doing so, she immediately placed an order, despite the price having doubled from the Hamilton I was getting per pound in the early 90s. Upon receipt of her package two days ago, she emailed the following kudos: “Wow, Alden – your butter crunch is even better than I remember! I could never pick which is my favorite, as they are all amazingly delectable. The salted ones add a whole new delicious level. Your butter crunch is so different than most in that it’s not a tooth-breaker. It’s crunchy enough to enjoy but rich and creamy. Good job.”

*sorry to say, the BC will NOT be delivered in the fabulous vintage packaging shown above. That box was a gift several years ago from Dumpster-Diva kissin’-cousin Carol Cole, which finally found it’s perfect up-cycling use in this photo shoot. The box your order arrives in will be somewhat less spectacular, but still distinctive.

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