…and Waves of Amber Glass

by Alden Cole on May 16, 2014 · 0 comments

DoubleImageWPSince I made early mention of a show in yesterday’s blog, I might as well talk a bit about what’s happening in early November at the gallery belonging to friends KM and DC a few blocks south on Passyunk Avenue. There’s going to be a show devoted to my Night Lights, with a complementary selection of paintings. A number of those lamps will be sitting atop the painted coffee table pictured in yesterday’s posting. Featured will be a collection of lamps that use some rather extraordinary pieces of vintage amber glass that I’ve picked up over the years, from the 70s (that same period I’m taking a break from writing about in my autobiography, to talk about these more current events in my life). The six lamps pictured are among my more exotic Night Lights, utilizing as light source remote-controlled, color-changing, LED light bulbs that only burn 3-watts of energy; they present quite an extraordinary sight, as the collection pictured here attests, with all six set to different colors. In the left photo I used a flash to create sharp images of the lamps themselves; in the right image, no flash was used in order to better capture the different colors of the lights in the lamps, as well as the mandalas of color that all six of them project onto the ceiling. Quite the light show they present as a group…

And let me not forget to make it clear that all six Night Lights are for sale, ranging in price from $250 to $350…

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