39 years ago today…

by Alden Cole on October 19, 2014 · 1 comment

PainterPoetWPOn Sunday, October 19, 1975, I had my one-and-only one-man show in NYC, at a florist shop in the ground floor of a high rise apartment building on the upper West Side of Manhattan at 79th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. Arranged by my friend Joe Felician (real name Jose Feliciano; no, not that particular singer of Light My Fire fame)  an early fan of my work, the show was an inspiring success. A number of pieces sold, which helped to excite my imagination that perhaps I really was a serious artist after all; plus lots of  verbal encouragement from both friends and strangers who were all very complimentary about the work, most of which was new, created especially for the show. The stimulus generated by the prospect of having a solo show of my work, despite the humble surroundings, generated an amazing amount of energy which was channelled into new ideas given form with surprisingly consistent productivity during the two months leading up to the opening. What an inspiring period in my life!

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Robin October 19, 2014 at 7:18 am

One-man, one-world, one-consciousness. An affiity for color. Love the memory landscapes. And your evolving expression of water.


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