2015: Looking Back & Lookin’ at ya’

by Alden Cole on December 31, 2015 · 1 comment

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts…” – William Shakespeare (1564-1616), from As You Like It

MattBender-3FacesofAlden@72dpi“It’s Show Time Folks!”
In early November, I was contacted by photographer Matt Bender, following up a suggestion from Betsy Alexander and Burnell Yow! to pay me a visit, check out the unusual environment I call home, and photograph me as part of an ongoing project: portraits of artists at work in their studios. I was game for the prospect, which occurred shortly before Thanksgiving, proving to be a genuinely unexpected and delightful experience; an interesting, fun

Matt2Views@72dpiafternoon with a really fine young photographer, being on the other side of the camera for a change. Thanks for the opportunity Matt! Above, three of his excellent portraits revealing various aspects of yours truly. At left, Matt Bender himself, the photographer sitting for a few photographs after his proposed project was fulfilled. Check out the link below to see more of Matt’s photographs portraying the artist hard at work, at rest, and play…


AldenPortrait@72dpiInspired by Matt’s fine photography, I did a little experimenting myself last week, taking some self-portraits in the mirror with dappled lighting coming through the front windows of the first floor gallery. Just a few days before I took these photos, the DaVinci Art Alliance had requested a
AldenGlaring@72dpiphotograph of myself for inclusion on their website, as I have just joined the Board of Directors there. What a difference a mere change in eye expression can make: from startled to startling. The first, sent out in an earlier email shows an expression of intense surprise, shock even. The second, snapped just seconds later, reveals an intensity that’s a bit haunted. I could say that used to be the story of my life! but it’s getting better…

Framed3WaysWPA few days later, a new street find – a wooden frame that normally holds a round vanity mirror – proved the inspiration for a series of experimental photos taken by friend
Selfiew-RISDCPP-Cr:72Annie O. Again the hope of finding an interesting enough photograph to submit to the DaVinci to represent my board membership. I suppose I could always submit the selfie holding two virtually identical pieces of art, shown at left, which I took last summer, as part of a RISD project? Looking over these various options, I’m thinking that one particular photo by Matt Bender best represents how I’d like to be seen in that official capacity. Which one is it? Check out Matt’s online photos of AC, select your favorite, cast your vote, and stay tuned…

PaperStarburstWPAt left another photography experiment revealing how Timing is Everything. A present of a beautifully-cut paper mandala looking for a place to hang found its resting place on the French foyer door, just in time for the sun to shine directly through the transom window two weeks ago. I’ve only seen the sun sporadically since then, but not once at the particular time required to capture similar photographs. Good ole Serendipity!

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Sharon December 31, 2015 at 6:09 pm

The top center pic. is perfect in many ways (the bottom one on Matt’s blog). Interesting to show all the pics.; raw rather than hyper-realist… OX


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