2010 – even MORE StarLings Under Glass

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“When you wish upon a star, doesn’t matter who you are…”

StarLings Under Glass #4A • oil painting in reverse on glass, framed in old window sash 21″ x 28″ • $588

I continued on a creative roll in early 2010 with more of those cartoonish creations I was referring to as StarLings. Experimentation revolved primarily around the Under Glass series, which I had started painting late in 2009. The piece above was one of the more ambitious projects, drawing on an updated version of my Leonardo da Vinci-inspired Vitruvian StarLing, which I talked about in my previous posting. Topping off the composition is a Momento Mori skull with wings around a heart, copied from a grave-stone rubbing taken in a small cemetery in historic Portsmouth, New Hampshire years ago. I was still getting over the fact that I was an orphan; both parents had died the year before, so this was one more tribute to the fact that I was on my own as never before. The foreground figures watching the proceedings taking place center stage were copied from a series of life-drawings sketched in the figure workshops at the Plastic Club during the fall of 2009.

StarLings Under Glass #5-9 • Oil on glass 10″ x 8″.

The StarLings Under Glass series which I had started developing in late 2009 got anthropomorphized even more in 2010, inspired directly by Leonardo daVindi’s famous drawing of the Vitruvian Man, reproduced at the bottom of this posting. I had also devoted some time and space to this influence in the previous posting featuring work from last year in this same genre.

Each original painting on glass is framed trumeau-style – a combination of mirror and artwork – in art-deco-type frames 18″ x 10″ made of chrome steel. Consistent with a tendency on my part to stand things on their heads, the artwork and mirror positions have been reversed from their usual positions where the mirror predominates. Above, how the pieces look when hung in a row against a white wall. Below, the series of photos showing the individual pieces of art as seen in a window with light coming through the glass. The figures in numbers 7 and 9 are not painted so the glass is clear.

Each piece is framed as above: 180 square inches. SPECIAL PRICE: $90 each — $350 for the set of 5.

#5: Stand Tall
#6: Step Left
#7: Step Right
#8: Vitruvian Man
#9: Vitruvian Woman

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