1949: age 5

by Alden Cole on November 29, 2014 · 0 comments

Slow-Motion Memoir: An Illustrated History of my Life through Art Produced continues with a look at the earliest of my drawings in my possession, and probably in existence: 4 pencil drawings created in my fifth year “when the door opened and let the future in”. Some months ago I bemoaned to a friend the total lack of childhood drawings other than the clown drawing done around age 8 which I featured early last spring when this autobiography first commenced, as it was the earliest piece extant in my possession.

Clownin’ Around… Now and Then

Or so I thought, until last week. While searching for photographs of my grandfather, I happened across a folder of eighteen drawings – most in pencil, a few in crayon – from my 5th and 9th years, which my aunt Charlotte had saved, then passed back to me sometime in the 80s. I’m quite sure the clown drawing was in that same sheaf of drawings – the only one that impressed me at the time because of its bright colors – I had filed the rest away and forgotten about them. About half of the 18 pieces are dated in my aunts hand, the others can only be guessed at by the evolving style that was already at work in me, and the subject matter.

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